The nation’s future young people – young people is an important possession for culture, because the future of this country hinges on the shoulders of the young people. What type of young people? Specifically youths that are well-informed, that are conscious their social problems, and young people that tend to their nation.

Young people must have a nationalist spirit and a spiritual spirit so that they can become representatives of change and representatives of control over culture, that have a psychological steel of steel and aspiration to produce a great sociological and psychological specify for their individuals.

The nation’s future young people the presence of young people in the community is very a lot needed, in managing the social circumstance. Through companies and neighborhoods where within the team, young people have lofty objectives or suitables that lead to the development of a high quality generation. Able to control and manage current problems, and ready to offer the community.

Indonesian young people background

We recall, in the past there was a warrior number, that had worthy suitables that wanted to unify this nation, with one sovereignty called Nusantara. That is he? The knight from Majapahit, specifically Patih Gajah Mada, that was commemorated by his vow, the Palapa vow. In the following year the role of young people didn’t quit, on October 28, 1928 youths collected to promise an vow to protect the homeland of Indonesia and take self-reliance from the hands of the invaders.

The nation's future young people

The nation’s future young people

This is known as the young people vow. The significance of the young people vow is the dedication as young and young Indonesian residents as a type of love for the Indonesian homeland, inflaming the souls of young people to combat colonialism.

In the following year, pre-independence Indonesia, youths clashed with old individuals, Bung Karno and Bung Hatta were abducted to Rengasdengklok, Karawang on August 16, 1945 at 03:00 WIB, to urge Bung Karno and Bung Hatta to accelerate the proclamation of the self-reliance of the Republic of Indonesia.

Traditionally the young people, Indonesia’s combating spirit cannot be doubted, he played an important role in the self-reliance of Indonesia, the role of the young people will never ever pass away because every nation needs youths that have a chivalrous spirit and a high nationalist spirit. Of course, the struggle will not quit previously, to fill Indonesia’s self-reliance, make the country happy, because the wings of the Garuda are the young people themselves.

It’s paradoxical to see the characteristics of young people life in today’s era, many young women and men are caught in a dark room, which has plenty of harmful rats that prepare to gnaw at themselves.

Today’s young people are passive and oblivious of their social circumstance, the community, particularly the nation, is also one of the most unfortunate for youths that fall right into medications, drink alcohol, promiscuity until some drop from institution, so that their future does not know what to do any longer, it is not unusual for moms and dads to weep.

, lamenting for her child, her body is emaciated, her hair is befalling. Because she really feels that she has failed in informing her children from small to large, what moms and dads anticipate deviates from what they desire. The garuda’s wings are presently injured and cannot fly high through the skies, the hold of its legs isn’t solid enough to carry the bows of success and Indonesia’s future.

Currently what can we do? To recover the injured wing, to enhance the hold of the garuda.

Let’s appearance at ourselves, what we have, what potential we have, to present presents to heroes that used to defend this nation with accomplishments, or self-discipline is an important role for the Indonesian individuals as representatives of change and representatives of control to recognize their dreams.

The suitables of this country to become a better country. Of course, it’s not enough alone to defend this country, it takes unity or a online discussion forum to collect aspects of young people, to mark their feet at the same time, to hone their eyes carefully, to unify their minds for the future of Indonesia, with its young people that are intellectual, accomplished, as representatives of change to produce self-respect. country that’s respected by many nations.