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Knowledge, is a familiarity or awareness, of someone or something, such as facts (descriptive knowledge), skills (procedural knowledge), or objects (acquaintance knowledge) contributing to ones understanding. By most accounts, knowledge can be acquired in many different ways and from many sources, including but not limited to perception, reason, memory, testimony, scientific inquiry, education, and practice. The philosophical study of knowledge is called epistemology.

The term “knowledge” can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); formal or informal; systematic or particular. The philosopher Plato argued that there was a distinction between knowledge and true belief in the Theaetetus, leading many to attribute to him a definition of knowledge as “justified true belief”.The difficulties with this definition raised by the Gettier problem have been the subject of extensive debate in epistemology for more than half a century.

How to Have a Better Life

How to have a better life – life can change right, and that’s a great view. If you’re ready to put in the initiative, life can truly change. Also if you do not constantly see favorable changes daily or every time you attempt to change, in time and overall, attempting to make favorable changes in your life will still settle.

Developing a Better Life for On your own

Specify the worths ​​you hold dear. Consider what you truly want in life. What are the worths ​​you support? What are some ways you would certainly prefer to improve so that you have a better life? Perhaps you want to earn more money or want to be a better moms and dad, or have more meaning from your work. Whatever the circumstance, consider it deeply and pay attention for your sensations.

Try writing down idyllic variations of aspects of on your own and your life on a notepad. You can produce various columns, such as a connection column, a financing column, or an ideal frame of mind column (eg a typically preferred frame of mind or attitude).

How to Have a Better Life

How to Have a Better Life

Show a determination to adjust

Sometimes, no matter of how solid your will is, some points are hard or unattainable. If you set your worths ​​in a manner in which motivates you to adjust or make concessions, you will feel better and, eventually, have a better life over time because you are much less most likely to feel disappointed or depressed, How to have a better life.

This means, do not quit too easily on life. Improving aspects of life to obtain a better life is probably not an easy point to do.

Analyze the responses you show for patterns of responses. Once you’ve listed your worths, appearance for patterns that might provide hints about locations or locations that need more attention and improvement.
For instance, you might want to accomplish more meaning and make more money from work, and you feel that there’s very little to improve on this aspect of the connection.

Take workable actions to change your life

If you feel that, for instance, improving your profession life is important, you need to take actions to improve the quality of that aspect.
For instance, you could take night courses to pursue your imagine ending up being an attorney or physiotherapist.

Set reasonable objectives or objectives

For instance, an impractical objective would certainly be to become the best attorney on the planet and make $50 billion a year in the first year after you finish from legislation institution. Avoid such objectives and, rather, set objectives that are specific, quantifiable, attainable, appropriate, and have a clear timeline.

How to Create the Latest Youtube Channel

How to create the latest youtube channel – that does not know YouTube? This video-sharing website has become more and moremore and more embedded in the everyday life of modern culture over the previous couple of years. This system is also able to take on tv shows through countless content from various developers in various components of the world daily.

Also some youtube users are addicted to their content, to the point of being ready to conserve Youtube video clips to their gallery or to their hard disk drive so they can be watched over and over again. Of course these components are tutorial content to earn learning easier.

YouTube is about since 2005. This website wased established by 3 previous Paypal workers, specifically Chard Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Locateded in San Bruno, California, YouTube displays a variety of video clip content both amateur and professional with various categories such as education and learning, wit, mystery, and others.

Content Developer with Promising Earnings

How to Create the Latest Youtube Channel

How to Create the Latest Youtube Channel

Most of YouTube content developers are people. Not just sharing video clip content, content developers also obtain the opportunity to produce earnings from the video clips they submit. No kidding, the earnings accomplished was huge. At the very least, simply appearance at some widely known content developers in Indonesia such as Atta Halilintar, Raditya Dika, Jess No Limit, and others.

Therefore, many individuals currently want to follow in their steps. But bear in mind, ending up being an effective content developer isn’t through a brief time and an instant way. It takes high creativity, effort, and uniformity to get to that phase.

Begin by Producing a YouTube Channel

Well, if you also want to work expertly on YouTube as a content developer, the first point to do is to have a YouTube channel. You can also go straight from your telephone today. If you are still confused about how to do it, here is a total guide on how to create a YouTube channel on your mobile phone How to create the latest youtube channel.

The nation’s future young people

The nation’s future young people – young people is an important possession for culture, because the future of this country hinges on the shoulders of the young people. What type of young people? Specifically youths that are well-informed, that are conscious their social problems, and young people that tend to their nation.

Young people must have a nationalist spirit and a spiritual spirit so that they can become representatives of change and representatives of control over culture, that have a psychological steel of steel and aspiration to produce a great sociological and psychological specify for their individuals.

The nation’s future young people the presence of young people in the community is very a lot needed, in managing the social circumstance. Through companies and neighborhoods where within the team, young people have lofty objectives or suitables that lead to the development of a high quality generation. Able to control and manage current problems, and ready to offer the community.

Indonesian young people background

We recall, in the past there was a warrior number, that had worthy suitables that wanted to unify this nation, with one sovereignty called Nusantara. That is he? The knight from Majapahit, specifically Patih Gajah Mada, that was commemorated by his vow, the Palapa vow. In the following year the role of young people didn’t quit, on October 28, 1928 youths collected to promise an vow to protect the homeland of Indonesia and take self-reliance from the hands of the invaders.

The nation's future young people

The nation’s future young people

This is known as the young people vow. The significance of the young people vow is the dedication as young and young Indonesian residents as a type of love for the Indonesian homeland, inflaming the souls of young people to combat colonialism.

In the following year, pre-independence Indonesia, youths clashed with old individuals, Bung Karno and Bung Hatta were abducted to Rengasdengklok, Karawang on August 16, 1945 at 03:00 WIB, to urge Bung Karno and Bung Hatta to accelerate the proclamation of the self-reliance of the Republic of Indonesia.

Traditionally the young people, Indonesia’s combating spirit cannot be doubted, he played an important role in the self-reliance of Indonesia, the role of the young people will never ever pass away because every nation needs youths that have a chivalrous spirit and a high nationalist spirit. Of course, the struggle will not quit previously, to fill Indonesia’s self-reliance, make the country happy, because the wings of the Garuda are the young people themselves.

It’s paradoxical to see the characteristics of young people life in today’s era, many young women and men are caught in a dark room, which has plenty of harmful rats that prepare to gnaw at themselves.

Today’s young people are passive and oblivious of their social circumstance, the community, particularly the nation, is also one of the most unfortunate for youths that fall right into medications, drink alcohol, promiscuity until some drop from institution, so that their future does not know what to do any longer, it is not unusual for moms and dads to weep.

, lamenting for her child, her body is emaciated, her hair is befalling. Because she really feels that she has failed in informing her children from small to large, what moms and dads anticipate deviates from what they desire. The garuda’s wings are presently injured and cannot fly high through the skies, the hold of its legs isn’t solid enough to carry the bows of success and Indonesia’s future.

Currently what can we do? To recover the injured wing, to enhance the hold of the garuda.

Let’s appearance at ourselves, what we have, what potential we have, to present presents to heroes that used to defend this nation with accomplishments, or self-discipline is an important role for the Indonesian individuals as representatives of change and representatives of control to recognize their dreams.

The suitables of this country to become a better country. Of course, it’s not enough alone to defend this country, it takes unity or a online discussion forum to collect aspects of young people, to mark their feet at the same time, to hone their eyes carefully, to unify their minds for the future of Indonesia, with its young people that are intellectual, accomplished, as representatives of change to produce self-respect. country that’s respected by many nations.

Best Education Site

Best education site – there are many best educational sites that can be used as a reference for learning or just adding knowledge. It can be utilized by people of all ages. So that knowing about the truth is much more logical and all school / work assignments can be helped.

Below is a reference on educational sites that are very useful for you to use as an online learning space, here is the list.

1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is becoming a very popular educational site all over the world. As well as being the main educational site that has various kinds of knowledge. Starting from art, religion, science, social science, biography and so on. The accuracy of the information available on Wikipedia is up to 95%, so it is very reliable Best education site.

Best Education Site

Best Education Site

The types of information areas available on Wikipedia are not limited to a country. But covers all regions in the world.

In addition, Wikipedia is also available in hundreds of languages ​​and letters in the world. Whether it’s Indonesian, English, Chinese and so on.

2. KEMDIKBUD Study House

For this educational site released exclusively by the government for students. With this site, it is hoped that you can obtain sources of knowledge and be able to complete and understand lessons well. The KEMDIKBUD learning house is the best educational site in Indonesia.

Apart from providing only sources of knowledge, this site also provides practice questions and can be used to prepare for exams and tests. Then there are also laboratories based on online professional guides and others.

3. Zenius Education

This site is only for elementary – high school students. All subject matter in the school is available on this site.

Not only can it be used for students, Zenius Education can also be used by teachers/student staff. To find additional knowledge references that can be useful for teaching and learning activities.

4. Teacher’s Room

The teacher’s room is a very booming place for students. Most of the students in Indonesia use this teacher room application. In this teacher’s room, all learning needs are available in a very complete manner, starting from practice questions, subject matter from elementary to high school and others.

This educational site has many facilities and also very informative learning media. In addition, the cost of tutoring in the teacher’s room is much cheaper than conventional tutoring.

5. Our Class

This educational site is almost the same as a teacher’s room and provides lessons with a variety of materials. In addition, there are courses for non-academic materials or general materials that are not included in school materials. In addition, teachers can also take advantage of our class to get additional material as lesson material.

Knowledge Sharing Concept

Knowledge sharing concept, knowledge sharing is the act of trading information or understanding in between people, groups, neighborhoods or companies. Knowledge may be specific (a treatment or document) or implied (user-friendly and experience-based).

Knowledge sharing is a procedure that not just supports individual understanding, but also produces or improves knowledge archives that come to others.

According to Visvalingam Suppiah and Manjit Singh (2011), knowledge sharing is interaction and interaction in between people and business units. From this it can be discussed that knowledge sharing is an interaction task in between people in a equally beneficial business by trading ideas, viewpoints or information they have.

In the knowledge sharing session, the information common is typically knowledge, understanding, the newest trends and self-development tips. Usually this can be through non-formal conversation tasks, discussions, tutors, also online throughout this pandemic.

With proper application, the concept of knowledge sharing is very beneficial as it helps people and companies become more nimble and versatile in the face ofin the face of change, and helps ensure lasting business development and connection, as well as developing and learning from each various other. Knowledge sharing concept

5 Benefits of Sharing Companies

Here are 5 various other benefits that companies and workers receive in using the concept of knowledge sharing in their everyday work life:

Knowledge Sharing Concept

Knowledge Sharing Concept

1. Can Find Better Ways of Doing Points

Among the best aspects of building a common knowledge base is that you could gain from your mistakes and make certain you do not duplicate them. And the other way around, you can also maximize your best experiences and make certain you duplicate them! As simple as that.

When individuals share what does not work and their associates can find their understandings, it prevents others from production the same mistakes. By using knowledge sharing, you and your associates can gain from each various other and will find knowledge in doing points more efficiently. If the employee’s efficiency is efficient, the company’s efficiency will be better.

2. Building a Learning Community and Society

When individuals gain from each various other and have a system to share knowledge, it develops a feeling of community. Particularly when input from associates helps individuals do their jobs better. This is a great way to produce a knowing society because your individuals can see and feel the benefits of sharing and leveraging common knowledge.

If this knowledge sharing task is constantly used in the company, it will develop a neighborhood and a lasting learning society. Of course this is an advantage, not just for the company but also for the individual workers.

3. Sharing Knowledge While Remote Functioning? Can!

Remote functioning positions various challenges and may produce various situations for daily procedures. There’s a high chance that those that work from another location will bring a brand-new point of view to the item, interaction, or challenge encountered.

So, it’s equally important for those that work from another location from the workplace to belong to share their expertise. Therefore, it’s a smart idea for companies to also proceed to facilitate remote employees to have the ability to conduct knowledge sharing sessions.

Listed below are recommendations to Knowledge Management System (KMS) provider that you could try:

4. Decreasing Interaction Obstacles

Through knowledge sharing sessions, workers will be more open up in interacting compared to throughout conferences, this is what can decrease interaction obstacles in between workers. Because in a knowledge sharing session, the interaction pattern that’s built is usually more relaxed or non-formal so that workers are most likely to be more available to convey their ideas.

Although it’s casual, knowledge sharing isn’t something that can be ignored. This is because it can make it easier for workers to communicate at the office, particularly in regards to sharing experiences and problems of their particular jobs.

5. Improve Company Efficiency of Workers

Of course, with tasks that are not too major and stiff, everyone’s knowledge and experience will be taken in easily by others. Knowledge that’s easily taken in by someone becomes something that will proceed to be embedded in oneself. With this, if all workers use knowledge sharing, it will improve worker efficiency and have an effect on improving company and business efficiency.