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5 Tips to Balance Work Education

5 Tips to Balance Work Education, to become a professional at work, a person is sometimes required to go back to school to support his career. But to get the degree required of the current job, is certainly not an easy thing. Many things have to be sacrificed including family and personal life.

Indeed, the higher the education, usually will affect one’s career progress, credibility, and earning potential. So how do you balance work, education and personal life?

If you feel you have problems balancing work, education and personal life, possible 5 Tips to Balance Work Education and Personal Life might help create a balance between study and a good life

5 Tips to Balance Work Education

5 Tips to Balance Work Education

​Here 5 Tips to Balance Work Education and Personal Life Who Might Be Able To Help You

1. Don’t do it all yourself

Take advantage of the educational support system your company provides. Such as job training, career services, and several other supports.

Find out where your difficulties are and find ways to overcome those difficulties. For example, when it is difficult to take care of children and at the same time there are hours of study or work, then ask for help from a trusted person for a while to take care of the children.

You can also ask a nurse or day care provider for help, or create a virtual study group to prepare for an upcoming exam, so you don’t feel alone when you’re having a hard time.

2. Maximize the free time you have

Research your assignments properly, if there is a break from work and college, give more time to the children. You can contact them by phone and ask about their daily activities. The most important thing is that even though you are busy with college and work, you don’t forget to control and supervise your children, so that they feel that their parents are not indifferent and still pay attention.

3. Choose your program wisely.

Look for a study program designed to make it easier for busy people. Some campuses sometimes offer the flexibility to study online.

You can adjust it by having a personal tutor or mentor appropriate to the field at hand to help balance work and school responsibilities.

By choosing a program that understands the true demands of college and the company’s desires, it can at least help you apply your knowledge and meet your goals professionally later.

4. Keep abreast of information

Be a professional both as a student and a worker, streamline time regularly by always following the development of information.

For example, if you are a nurse, you must always know the latest health information, there are many easy ways you can do such as searching for information on the internet or joining chat groups that support your work and education.

5. Often laugh

whether or not a job you are able to make it easy and not boring. If it comes to a point where you feel tired and bored with all the activities you are doing, make time for loved ones who can make you laugh and this is usually a very helpful way to keep your sense of humor when facing a difficult problem

Reasons for the Importance of Education

Reasons for the Importance of Education, education is the main factor that will determine the knowledge and skills you will master.

Not only that, armed with a good education, you can also have the opportunity to get a better job and a more established life.

On this occasion, we will try to explain to you all the 9 main Reasons for the Importance of Education.

The following is a full explanation of the importance of education for all of you.

Reasons for the Importance of Education, and Its Effect on the Economy

Reasons for the Importance of Education, and Its Effect on the Economy

Main Reasons for the Importance of Education

1. Get a Happier and Stable Life

The importance of the education you have opens up opportunities to get a good job, a good social reputation, and the opportunity to have a safer future.

These factors allow you to live a happier and calmer life.

2. Potential to Earn Money

People who have an education are able to get a job with a high salary.

Sufficient money to finance life makes you more comfortable in living life.

Not only that, the more educated you are, the more career options you will get.

3. Makes You Independent

Having an education is very important, if you want to be an independent person.

What is meant here is the importance of education can help you become financially independent and do not need to depend on other people.

4. Turning Dreams Into Reality

There are so many dreams that someone wants to realize, starting from wanting to be rich, wanting to be a popular figure, and becoming a successful person who is respected by others. The main key to being able to get all these things is education.

5. Knowing What’s Right and Wrong

The importance of a good education can make you understand the difference between right and wrong. You will be aware that there will be consequences for wrong actions and this will make you less influenced to do things that violate morals or laws.

You are also very aware of the rights you have and your responsibilities to a society that lives socially.

A good education keeps you from suffering in poverty and this will reduce the chances of committing theft, robbery, and other unlawful acts.

The importance of education is the main factor that makes society more peaceful and runs in harmony.

6. Make Someone Confident

The education you follow is proof that you have knowledge that can benefit many people. An educated person opens up more opportunities to be heard and responded to by others.

The above is very different from someone who is not educated, where they will find it difficult to express their views and opinions because they lack confidence.

Even though they dared to express their views, others might not take them too seriously.

7. Opportunity to Contribute to Society

Educated people have a greater opportunity to be able to contribute to their environment.

Education allows you to become an active member of society and participate in bringing about change and development for the better.

8. Contribution to the Economy of the Nation and the State

Australia, Japan, and the United States are examples of developed countries that have low illiteracy rates.

These countries are very prosperous and their citizens have very high per capita incomes.

On the other hand, there are many developing countries whose citizens have high illiteracy rates.

The country has many citizens who are in the poverty line. This shows that the importance of education for the economic prosperity of a nation.

9. Will not be deceived and cheated by others

A good education keeps you from being scammed by irresponsible people.

There are so many fraudulent acts that occur because the victims do not know what is right and wrong.

Seeing the explanation above, it is very clear that a good education has many benefits for you.

Starting from the benefits of getting a better job, contributing to bring about change in society, and preventing you from being deceived by other people who are not responsible.

You can get a good education by attending formal education such as college or you can also take non-formal education such as skills courses.

The Effect of Education on the Country’s Economy

International trade relations and globalization require a country to compete with one another.

An economically successful country will have a competitive advantage over other countries.

This means that the economy of a country is closely related to the profits and losses they experience in the global market.

The education and training of a country’s workers is one of the main factors that will determine how well the country’s economy is.

Workers or employees who want to increase their future earning potential need to develop and perfect their abilities.

The more knowledge they have about the job function or the more familiar they are with the industry, the more valuable they will be in the eyes of the company.

Definition of Education

Definition of Education, the definition of education I believe has been widely understood by the public in general. But essentially, the notion of education has not penetrated and implemented in everyday life.

In fact, many define education as closely related to the world of education, which should be interpreted to get a degree, get a decent job and get a degree to be more respected.

In fact, if understood sentimentally, the meaning of education is extraordinary. Talking about education in Indonesia since ancient times, the education system was born as an operator, not as an innovator.

So it is not surprising that no matter how high a graduate is, the orientation is to become a job applicant, not a job creator. So it is not surprising that many educated graduates are unemployed.

From here, we can see that our view of the meaning Definition of Education is different from that of developed countries, whose education system is indeed an innovator. Well, on this occasion we don’t focus on discussing all of that, but in general reviewing the meaning of education according to experts, its benefits and types.

Definition of Education

Definition of Education

Definition of Education According to Experts

The definition of education according to experts, of course, varies. Although diverse, broadly they have the same meaning. So what do they think? Just take a look at the following reviews.


The definition of education is an effort to change the attitudes and behavior of a person or group in the form of maturity through the training process or through the learning process.

2. Fitriani

Meanwhile, according to Fitriani (2011) education defines education as education obtained through learning, from those who do not know to know, from those who do not know how to handle it until they know the solution.

3. WHO

Meanwhile, according to WHO (2008), education is a process of increasing control and as an effort to improve health , both for individuals and communities. Where this education is a form of concern for behavior patterns or lifestyles that can affect their health.

4. Indonesian Ministry of Health

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (2021) in health and community nursing defines education as an effort in the form of a process for a person or group to improve and protect their health by increasing their knowledge, abilities and increasing their will that is driven by certain factors.

5. Notoatmodjo

In contrast to the opinion of Notoatmodjo (2012) the notion of education is an activity or effort to convey messages to the public, individuals or groups. Where the message aims to provide better information.

The Importance Of Education

The Importance Of Education, education releases us rom the confines of our minds and forces us to think and question things. This makes us aware of our rights in society. Thus giving us the power not to be enslaved, either by thought or action.

The Importance Of Education

The Importance Of Education

The importance of education in unlocking the mind in life

Education makes us broad-minded. In fact, there is no better time than to understand this concept. Globalization has turned the world into one big city, there are no restrictions on acquiring knowledge.

 This makes it possible for us to know about different cultures or events happening at the end of the world though. All this is possible because of education. Education has broadened our minds, so that we are not confined to our country and certain zones anymore. We are not trapped in a small world, we have come out of the shell, started to explore and learn new things about the world.

 Learning about new things and different cultures not only increases our vocabulary, but also instills in us human nature. For example if we see that people in some other part of the world have tried something new, then we might as well start doing the same. We may have been forced to avoid them before, but education can change our thought processes for the better. Because it helps in making us more tolerant and accepting.

The importance of education to shape the basis of society

Education forms the basis of every society. This relates to economic, social and political growth and the development of society in general. Education imparts knowledge, where making discoveries and applying them for the betterment of society is possible. 

The growth of society depends on the quality of education delivered. The better the quality, the better people can learn from and use that education to make reforms that lead to research and development.

The importance of education to the foundation for children

The importance of education as a concept that needs to be instilled in children from an early age. They need to be told that education does not only mean knowledge or just getting to know books and writings or learning things by rote and arithmetic, but holds a much deeper meaning. 

This means opening your mind to learning new things and pursuing different options. Higher education provides a clearer vision of things, makes one’s goals clearer and makes people more receptive to change. It makes a person rational, instills in him the ability to think and ask questions.

Unlimited education

Education cannot remain confined to books and classrooms. Apart from sources, it must be sought from anything. In this regard, physical education also plays a major role in one’s education as it makes our body healthy and thus strengthens our mind to seek more knowledge.

 Education also provides opportunities to interact with people from different walks of life. This leads to a better understanding and knowing how in this world to live and think. It is our duty to instill the importance of education in children. 

Education means going beyond degrees and continuing to achieve things by acquiring knowledge. In a real sense, education means developing from an individual to become a complete human being, not just living life.

The importance of education goes beyond literacy programs. It goes much deeper, in signifying a way how that person lives and thinks. Hopefully the above educational article can be useful for all.

The Importance Of Education is for children, it is also clear that children must be educated or receive education. At the same time, the descriptions of Dimuk make it clear what is meant by education. In simple terms we can conclude that education is all the efforts of adults in their association with children to lead their physical and spiritual development towards maturity, or more clearly education is the leadership given intentionally by adults to children in their growth (physical and mental). and spiritual) to be useful for themselves and for society.