Your organization’s growth and profitability depend on your leadership team’s growth and development. Most organizations are aware of their leadership gaps, yet few understand how to close those gaps in the coming years. We help organizations succeed in this demanding … Continued

An effective Strategic Plan helps organizations define direction, make decisions, allocate resources and prioritize actions. To ensure the strategic planning process is effective, an organization needs to use data and information, and ensure the decision-makers participate in the planning process. … Continued

We help organizations with both customer relationship management and complaint management. We have a proven method that helps organizations effectively manage relationships with their customers. This method will address how to keep a good rapport with customers and address any … Continued

We use focus groups and surveys to gather critical data through the development, administration and analysis of a variety of customer, employee and stakeholder surveys as an impartial third party. We create balanced scorecards and performance management systems that work … Continued

Assessing Workforce processes is key to the development of strategies that lead toward increased employee retention and ultimately an enhanced customer experience. MEI utilizes the Baldrige Excellence Framework to conduct assessments of workforce satisfaction and engagement, and make recommendations based … Continued

When it comes to the daily operations of your organization, we understand that processes need to be in place to optimize performance. We do this by identifying the correct processes that align with your company and implement them in a … Continued

As a results-driven company, it is our goal to apply the feedback results to a strategy that will improve organizational practices. We do this by putting processes in place to effectively correct problem areas and improve overall performance on a … Continued