What are Examiners?

Upon training, Examiners review, write an analysis of, and score written applications from the Tiered Level and traditional Award Level programs. They also participate in a Consensus review process and Site Visit. The feedback they put in place for the applicants is generated into an invaluable feedback report, which will guide the applicant on their journey to performance excellence and improvement. For Award Level applicants, the feedback and scores will result in recommendations for the Award.

In addition to their application review responsibilities, Examiners are also helping their own organization, enhancing their professional experience, and serving their communities. The nature of this work supports individuals to work hard to progress their skills in applying a systems perspective, helping them to look for ways to identify and foster improvement in their own organizations. They also strengthen analytical and consensus-building skills, as well as learn how other leading organizations achieve performance excellence. Individual skill development includes: decision making, team dynamics, team leadership, professional writing skills, strategic alignment and integration, group presentation skills, negotiation skills, consensus development, and accountability.

Examiner responsibilities

  • Work independently as well as on a team
  • Adhere to due dates and assignment instructions
  • Adhere to all confidentiality and ethics policies
  • Attend & participate in all required training
    (listed on the Cycle Calendar: mix of in-person/virtual.
    Some dates TBD as team schedules allow)
  • Participate in Team calls/email communications
  • Attend/Participate in a Site Visit, if selected

For more information, please download the Examiner Overview Document (below).


Working Together – A Prestigious Group

Each year, applications are solicited from individuals to serve as Examiners, both as new and returning. Previous Examiners are required to reapply if they wish to serve again. Each year, approximately 1/3 of Examiners are replaced to provide opportunities for participation by others. Thus, past applicants who have not been selected are encouraged to apply. None the less, due to large number of applications, some highly qualified applicants may not be selected in order to balance the Board of Examiners from different sectors and work experiences.

The collective Award Program seeks to constitute a board of experts capable of evaluating small, medium, and large manufacturing, service, education, nonprofit, public sector, and healthcare organizations. Sector coverage and balance are important selection considerations, in order to best serve a wide variety of Award and Tiered Applicants. Efforts are made to ensure broad representation and to minimize disproportionate involvement of one sector, or employees from a single organization. Examiners are selected on their personal qualifications and are not considered representatives of their employees or any other organization. Those selected meet the highest standard of qualifications.


2018 Cycle Calendar

2018 Examiner Overview Document

2018 Examiner Application

Please download and save the PDF application to your device. Then fill out the form and save a copy for your records before using the “submit” button to send to our office.


  • New Examiner Fee: $350* to help cover the cost of training and materials
  • Returning Examiners: No fee for Returning Examiners of the MQA or KQA programs

*This fee may be waived if you or your employer are a member of the Midwest Excellence Institute Membership Program

  • Withdrawal Fee: There is a $350 fee for withdrawal of the Examiner program prior to a Site Visit