America needs Baldrige! From our classrooms to our boardrooms, Midwest Excellence Institute (MEI) strives to help improve all sectors of our communities and make Missouri and Kansas organizations more competitive in the global economy. Since 1992, MEI has helped hundreds of private and public sector organizations improve their performance and business results through the use of the Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria and the Missouri-Kansas Quality Award program.

Why Join MEI?

Missouri and Kansas are leading the way in promoting performance excellence. Through concentrated efforts of support, sharing best practices, and continuous improvement, we affect the changes that we hope to see in our communities. This is why we developed the MEI Membership Program. Our members have access to discounts and tools, as well as a wealth of knowledge from experts in the Baldrige model, which can be used to help each member on his/her journey toward performance excellence.

Membership in the Midwest Excellence Institute (MEI) reflects a decision to invest in yourself and your organization.  When you become an MEI member, you are demonstrating to your customers and employees that you are committed to the MEI mission, and the core values and principles of performance excellence.

MEI members are provided with valuable resources, products, and services to assist in improving your performance results and providing a competitive advantage. 

Value-added benefits include:

  • Demonstration of a commitment to excellence
  • Year-round networking opportunities
  • Access to vetted performance excellence consultants for customized education/training and assistance
  • Recognition at the annual Awards Recognition celebration and dinner
  • Your name/logo in all MEI materials
  • Organizational/ individual recognition and link on the MEI website
  • Access to performance excellence webinars
  • Free/discounted examiner training in the Baldrige Excellence Framework
  • Public announcement of your membership support on social media outlets
  • Knowledge sharing/benchmarking for innovation at MEI’s annual Learning Collaborative
  • Opportunity to showcase your organization as a guest presenter at MEI’s annual Learning Collaborative

“This is a wonderful model for further deploying the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence throughout the country and improving our national performance and competitiveness,” stated Harry S. Hertz, Director of the Baldrige National Quality Program.

Seize this opportunity to start your organization’s journey. Become a MEI member today! For questions or more information, please call MEI at 573-817-8310.

Platinum-Level Organization Members:

Primaris Healthcare Business Solutions

Mid-America Transplant
2015 MBNQA Winner
2006, 2010, 2017 MQA Winner

Gold-Level Organization Members:

Citizens Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Foundation
3-Time MQA Recipient 2010, 2014, & 2018

Silver-Level Organization Members:

The University of Kansas Medical Center
Public Safety-KQA Recipient 2019

Bronze-Level Organization Members:

West Community Credit Union
MQA Recipient 2019

Individual Members

Gold-Level Individual Members:

James R. Williamson

Silver-Level Individual Members:

Tom Field
John P. Robb

Bronze-Level Individual Members:

Paul and Catherine Doerrer
Craig H. Larson
Lynn Walker