Definition of Education, the definition of education I believe has been widely understood by the public in general. But essentially, the notion of education has not penetrated and implemented in everyday life.

In fact, many define education as closely related to the world of education, which should be interpreted to get a degree, get a decent job and get a degree to be more respected.

In fact, if understood sentimentally, the meaning of education is extraordinary. Talking about education in Indonesia since ancient times, the education system was born as an operator, not as an innovator.

So it is not surprising that no matter how high a graduate is, the orientation is to become a job applicant, not a job creator. So it is not surprising that many educated graduates are unemployed.

From here, we can see that our view of the meaning Definition of Education is different from that of developed countries, whose education system is indeed an innovator. Well, on this occasion we don’t focus on discussing all of that, but in general reviewing the meaning of education according to experts, its benefits and types.

Definition of Education

Definition of Education

Definition of Education According to Experts

The definition of education according to experts, of course, varies. Although diverse, broadly they have the same meaning. So what do they think? Just take a look at the following reviews.


The definition of education is an effort to change the attitudes and behavior of a person or group in the form of maturity through the training process or through the learning process.

2. Fitriani

Meanwhile, according to Fitriani (2011) education defines education as education obtained through learning, from those who do not know to know, from those who do not know how to handle it until they know the solution.

3. WHO

Meanwhile, according to WHO (2008), education is a process of increasing control and as an effort to improve health , both for individuals and communities. Where this education is a form of concern for behavior patterns or lifestyles that can affect their health.

4. Indonesian Ministry of Health

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (2021) in health and community nursing defines education as an effort in the form of a process for a person or group to improve and protect their health by increasing their knowledge, abilities and increasing their will that is driven by certain factors.

5. Notoatmodjo

In contrast to the opinion of Notoatmodjo (2012) the notion of education is an activity or effort to convey messages to the public, individuals or groups. Where the message aims to provide better information.