Best education site – there are many best educational sites that can be used as a reference for learning or just adding knowledge. It can be utilized by people of all ages. So that knowing about the truth is much more logical and all school / work assignments can be helped.

Below is a reference on educational sites that are very useful for you to use as an online learning space, here is the list.

1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is becoming a very popular educational site all over the world. As well as being the main educational site that has various kinds of knowledge. Starting from art, religion, science, social science, biography and so on. The accuracy of the information available on Wikipedia is up to 95%, so it is very reliable Best education site.

Best Education Site

Best Education Site

The types of information areas available on Wikipedia are not limited to a country. But covers all regions in the world.

In addition, Wikipedia is also available in hundreds of languages ​​and letters in the world. Whether it’s Indonesian, English, Chinese and so on.

2. KEMDIKBUD Study House

For this educational site released exclusively by the government for students. With this site, it is hoped that you can obtain sources of knowledge and be able to complete and understand lessons well. The KEMDIKBUD learning house is the best educational site in Indonesia.

Apart from providing only sources of knowledge, this site also provides practice questions and can be used to prepare for exams and tests. Then there are also laboratories based on online professional guides and others.

3. Zenius Education

This site is only for elementary – high school students. All subject matter in the school is available on this site.

Not only can it be used for students, Zenius Education can also be used by teachers/student staff. To find additional knowledge references that can be useful for teaching and learning activities.

4. Teacher’s Room

The teacher’s room is a very booming place for students. Most of the students in Indonesia use this teacher room application. In this teacher’s room, all learning needs are available in a very complete manner, starting from practice questions, subject matter from elementary to high school and others.

This educational site has many facilities and also very informative learning media. In addition, the cost of tutoring in the teacher’s room is much cheaper than conventional tutoring.

5. Our Class

This educational site is almost the same as a teacher’s room and provides lessons with a variety of materials. In addition, there are courses for non-academic materials or general materials that are not included in school materials. In addition, teachers can also take advantage of our class to get additional material as lesson material.