MEI is seeking award examiners and award applicants

In Search Of: Top-Flight Professionals.

We’re looking for the best and brightest professionals to serve as Missouri/Kansas Quality Award Examiners. The success of the program is dependent upon a volunteer Board of Examiners who evaluate award applications from Missouri and Kansas organizations. Examiners are the center of that success, devoting tremendous time and energy into evaluating applications and providing feedback to help organizations improve performance. Better companies only serve to strengthen the economies in Missouri and Kansas, which benefits all of us.

MQA/KQA Examiners get an extraordinary professional development experience, and their employers benefit by having an employee who has developed leadership, analytical, and consensus-building skills. As an examiner, you’ll develop skills to better understand how customer needs and requirements are linked to strategic planning, job design, employee training and development, and processes by which an organization delivers its service. You’ll learn about real-world techniques and methodologies that some high-performing companies use to achieve success. These benefits significantly contribute to your professional growth, making you a valuable employee to any organization.

Beyond the professional development benefits, MQA/KQA Examiners work and build relationships with other like-minded professionals.  Because all sectors and levels of expertise are represented, serving on the Board of Examiners is a unique opportunity to learn and benefit from the knowledge of others.

Eager to give it a try?  Take a look at the Examiner Overview that gives more detail about the commitment and the award cycle.  If you are ready for a challenge that’s an incredible professional learning experience, complete the 2018 Missouri-Kansas Quality Award Examiner Application.  Deadline to submit your application is February 2, 2018.  Please contact the Midwest Excellence Institute if you have any questions.  We look forward to receiving your application to the 2018 MQA/KQA Board of Examiners.  (Feel free to forward this opportunity to any colleagues that may also be interested.)

If There’s A Better Way … Find It.

Is your organization ready to take the challenge and apply for the Missouri or Kansas Quality Award?  Waiting until you think you’re ready may be all the time your competitors need to gain some of your customers.  In the current health care market, you can either continue to improve quality or suffer consequences—status quo no longer works.  Leadership, Strategy, Customers, Knowledge/Information Management, Workforce, Operations, and Results – the Baldrige Excellence Framework covers it all.  Applying for the MQA/KQA is a unique opportunity to get the perspective (and cutting edge ideas) of 8-10 professionals from the manufacturing, service, public, education, non-profit, small business, government, and health care sectors—all on one team to evaluate and provide suggestions for improvement to your organization. The Baldrige Excellence Framework is not new to health care—look at the prestigious list of state award recipients!

There are three award application tiers available (all award recipients will be honored at an award ceremony in late 2018):

  • Compass Award — Responses to BASIC criteria; 15 pages + Organizational Profile.
  • Expedition Award — Responses to BASIC and OVERALL criteria; 35 pages + Organizational Profile.
  • MQA/KQA Award — Responses to ALL criteria; 50 pages + Organizational Profile.

You also have the option to submit an application for feedback only—and not considered for an award.  Eligibility/Intent and Application forms are available on our website. The Eligibility/Intent to Apply form is due February 2, 2018. The Application form, and your actual application is due April 20, 2018.  Feel free to visit our web site or contact us with any questions.

It’s time.  Take the challenge.  If there’s a way to do it better – find it.

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